How to join the Salsa group

Salsa is the name of the collaborative development server for Debian based on GitLab. Salsa provides the necessary tools for package maintainers, packaging teams and other individuals and groups for collaborative development.

The Reproducible Builds project is using Salsa to host most of its infrastructure and Git repositories and you can find out more information about Salsa on the Salsa page of the Debian Wiki.

To contribute to the Reproducible Builds project, please follow the following instructions:

1. Visit the “Sign in” page

First, visit the sign in / register page and select the Register tab:

2. Create account

Next, create your account:

After registering, you should see the following screen:

3. Check your email

You will have to confirm your email address to proceed. Check your email inbox and follow the link provided:

4. Log in to your new account

Next, log in to your new account.

5. Join the Reproducible Builds group

On Salsa, development is split into groups. You will need to join the reproducible-builds group before you can commit directly to our Git repositories. You can, however, submit merge requests without this step.

To join the Reproducible Builds group, ensure you are logged into Salsa, visit and then select Request Access:

After requesting access, you should see the following message:

6. Wait for confirmation

Unfortunately you currently have to wait for someone already on the Reproducible Builds community to accept your request. You should receive an email once this occurs:

7. Add an SSH key

Finally, to push directly to our Git repositories you will need to add your SSH key to your Salsa account settings. You can do this by visiting

8. Congratulations!

Congratulations, you are now part of the Reproducible Builds group on Salsa and you should now be able to clone and push to our repositories via Git.

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