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Reproducible Builds: Weekly report #190

Published: Dec 19, 2018.

Here’s what happened in the Reproducible Builds effort between Sunday December 9th and Saturday December 15th 2018:

diffoscope development

diffoscope is our in-depth “diff-on-steroids” utility which helps us diagnose reproducibility issues in packages. There was considerable activity this week, including contributions from:

  • Chris Lamb:
    • Fix a test_mozzip_compressed_files test failure under Alpine Linux. (#916353)
    • Calculate the path to a test .icc file using data() to avoid a “Fixtures are not meant to be called directly” warning/error. (#916226)
    • Drop debbindiff Breaks/Replaces. []
    • Use File.file_header to simplify file detection. ([], [] & [])
    • Correct a “positives” typo. []
  • Holger Levsen:
    • Clarify that upstream issues should be now reported via Salsa. []
  • Joachim Breitner:
    • Add support for comparing WebAssembly modules. (!17)
  • Mattia Rizzolo:
    • Try matching for MozillaZipFile before ZipFile. []

Chris Lamb also overhauled the website, updating the design [] as well as informing users that they should file issues on salsa [] and adding corresponding link to our Salsa registration instruction [].

Test framework development

There were a number of updates to our Jenkins-based testing framework that powers this week, including:

  • Chris Lamb:
    • Add a PureOS default installation package set. (!24)
    • Avoid double spaces in IRC output. (!23)
  • Mattia Rizzolo:
    • Arch Linux-specific changes:
      • Define DISTROID variable before using it. []
      • Check for the correct distribution when querying the database. []
    • Debian-specific changes:
    • openSUSE-specific changes:
      • Decode the input before giving it to json []
      • Notify IRC and Bernhard of job failures. []
      • Add a job importing the openSUSE status into the database to build some HTML pages. []
      • Use --ignore-missing-files to not warn about missing build logs. []
    • Misc/generic changes:
      • Add openSUSE, Arch Linux and Alpine Linux to the list of “known” distributions. []
      • Convert the stats_build.build_duration field type from TEXT to INTEGER. []
      • Add a distribution field to the sources. []
      • Change the data type used to store timestamps. []
      • Various bits node maintenance. (eg. [])

This week’s edition was written by Bernhard M. Wiedemann, Chris Lamb, Holger Levsen & reviewed by a bunch of Reproducible Builds folks on IRC & the mailing lists.

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