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Reproducible Builds: Weekly report #58

Published: Jun 8, 2016.

What happened in the Reproducible Builds effort between May 29th and June 4th 2016:

Media coverage

Ed Maste will present Reproducible Builds in FreeBSD at BDSCan 2016 in Ottawa, Canada on June 11th.

GSoC and Outreachy updates

Toolchain fixes

  • Paul Gevers uploaded fpc/3.0.0+dfsg-5 with a new helper script fp-fix-timestamps, which helps with reproducibility issues of PPU files in freepascal packages.
  • Sascha Steinbiss uploaded a patched version of epydoc to our experimental repository to test a patch for the use_epydoc issue.

Other upstream fixes

Packages fixed

The following 53 packages have become reproducible due to changes in their build-dependencies: angband blktrace code-saturne coinor-symphony device-tree-compiler mpich rtslib ruby-bcrypt ruby-bson-ext ruby-byebug ruby-cairo ruby-charlock-holmes ruby-curb ruby-dataobjects-sqlite3 ruby-escape-utils ruby-ferret ruby-ffi ruby-fusefs ruby-github-markdown ruby-god ruby-gsl ruby-hdfeos5 ruby-hiredis ruby-hitimes ruby-hpricot ruby-kgio ruby-lapack ruby-ldap ruby-libvirt ruby-libxml ruby-msgpack ruby-ncurses ruby-nfc ruby-nio4r ruby-nokogiri ruby-odbc ruby-oj ruby-ox ruby-raindrops ruby-rdiscount ruby-redcarpet ruby-redcloth ruby-rinku ruby-rjb ruby-rmagick ruby-rugged ruby-sdl ruby-serialport ruby-sqlite3 ruby-unicode ruby-yajl ruby-zoom thin

The following packages have become reproducible after being fixed:

Some uploads have addressed some reproducibility issues, but not all of them:

  • binutils/2.26-10 by Matthias Klose, #824413 by Chris Lamb.
  • pyx3/0.14.1-2 by Stuart Prescott, based on #825881 by Alexis Bienvenüe.

Uploads with an unknown result because they fail to build:

  • h2database/1.4.192-1 by Emmanuel Bourg, which forces a specific locale to generate documentation.

Patches submitted that have not made their way to the archive yet:

  • #825764 against docbook-ebnf by Chris Lamb: sort list of globbed files.
  • #825857 against python-setuptools by Anton Gladky: sort list of files in native_libs.txt.
  • #825968 against epydoc by Sascha Steinbiss: traverse lists in sorted order.
  • #826051 against dh-lua by Reiner Herrmann: sort list of Lua versions embedded into control file.
  • #826093 against osc by Alexis Bienvenüe: use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for manpage date.
  • #826158 against texinfo by Alexis Bienvenü: use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for dates in makeinfo output.
  • #826162 against slime by Alexis Bienvenüe: sort list of contributors locale-independently.
  • #826209 against fastqtl by Chris Lamb: normalize permissions and order in tarball.
  • #826309 against gnupg2 by intrigeri: don’t embed hostname and timestamp into gpgv.exe.

Package reviews

45 reviews have been added, 25 have been updated and 25 have been removed in this week.

12 FTBFS bugs have been reported by Chris Lamb and Niko Tyni.

diffoscope development

  • diffoscope 53 was been released by Mattia Rizzolo, with:
    • various improvements on temporary file handling;
    • fix a crash when comparing directories with broken symlinks (#818856);
    • great improvement on the deb(5) support (#818414), by Reiner Herrmann;
    • add FreeBSD packages in --list-tools, by Ed Maste.
  • diffoscope 54 (released shortly after) to address a regression involving --list-tools, where a syntax error prevented proper listing of all tools.

strip-nondeterminism development

Mattia uploaded strip-nondeterminism 0.018-1 which improved support for *.epub files.


Last week we also learned about progress of reproducible builds in FreeBSD. Ed Maste announced a change to record the build timestamp during ports building, which is required for later reproduction.

This week’s edition was written by Reiner Herrman, Holger Levsen and Chris Lamb and reviewed by a bunch of Reproducible builds folks on IRC.

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