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Reproducible Builds: Weekly report #71

Published: Sep 7, 2016.

What happened in the Reproducible Builds effort between Sunday August 28 and Saturday September 3 2016:

Media coverage

Antonio Terceiro blogged about testing build reprodubility with debrepro .

GSoC and Outreachy updates

The next round is being planned now: see their page with a timeline and participating organizations listing.

Maybe you want to participate this time? Then please reach out to us as soon as possible!

Packages reviewed and fixed, and bugs filed

The following packages have addressed reproducibility issues in other packages:

The following updated packages have become reproducible in our current test setup after being fixed:

The following updated packages appear to be reproducible now, for reasons we were not able to figure out yet. (Relevant changelogs did not mention reproducible builds.)

The following 4 packages were not changed, but have become reproducible due to changes in their build-dependencies:

Some uploads have addressed some reproducibility issues, but not all of them:

Patches submitted that have not made their way to the archive yet:

Reviews of unreproducible packages

706 package reviews have been added, 22 have been updated and 16 have been removed in this week, adding to our knowledge about identified issues.

5 issue types have been added:

1 issue type has been updated:

Weekly QA work

FTBFS bugs have been reported by:

  • Chris Lamb (8)
  • Lucas Nussbaum (3)

diffoscope development

diffoscope development on the next version (60) continued in git, taking in contributions from:

  • Mattia Rizzolo:
    • Better and more thorough testing
    • Improvements to packaging
    • Improvements to the ppu comparator

strip-nondeterminism development

Mattia Rizzolo uploaded strip-nondeterminism 0.023-2~bpo8+1 to jessie-backports.

A new version of strip-nondeterminism 0.024-1 was uploaded to unstable by Chris Lamb. It included contributions from:

  • Chris Lamb:
    • Improve code quality of zip, jar, ar, png processors
  • AYANOKOUZI, Ryuunosuke:
    • Preserve file attribute information of target file (#836075)

Holger added jobs on to run testsuites on every commit. There is one job for the master branch and one for the other branches.

disorderfs development

Holger added jobs on to run testsuites on every commit. There is one job for the master branch and one for the other branches.

Debian: We now vary the GECOS records of the two build users. Thanks to Paul Wise for providing the patch.


This week’s edition was written by Ximin Luo, Holger Levsen & Chris Lamb and reviewed by a bunch of Reproducible Builds folks on IRC.

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