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Farewell from the Reproducible Builds Summit 2023!

Nov 2, 2023

Farewell from the Reproducible Builds summit, which just took place in Hamburg, Germany:

This year, we were thrilled to host the seventh edition of this exciting event. Topics covered this year included:

  • Project updates from openSUSE, Fedora, Debian, ElectroBSD, Reproducible Central and NixOS
  • Mapping the “big picture”
  • Towards a snapshot service
  • Understanding user-facing needs and personas
  • Language-specific package managers
  • Defining our definitions
  • Creating a “Ten Commandments” of reproducibility
  • Embedded systems
  • Next steps in GNU Guix’ reproducibility
  • Signature storage and sharing
  • Public verification services
  • Verification use cases
  • Web site audiences
  • Enabling new projects to be “born reproducible”
  • Collecting reproducibility success stories
  • Reproducibility’s relationship to SBOMs
  • SBOMs for RPM-based distributions
  • Filtering diffoscope output
  • Reproducibility of filesystem images, filesystems and containers
  • Using verification data
  • A deep-dive on Fedora and Arch Linux package reproducibility
  • Debian rebuild archive service discussion

… as well as countless informal discussions and hacking sessions into the night. Projects represented at the venue included:

Debian, openSUSE, QubesOS, GNU Guix, Arch Linux, phosh, Mobian, PureOS, JustBuild, LibreOffice, Warpforge, OpenWrt, F-Droid, NixOS, ElectroBSD, Apache Security, Buildroot, Systemd, Apache Maven, Fedora, Privoxy, CHAINS (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), coreboot, GitHub, Tor Project, Ubuntu, rebuilderd, repro-env, spytrap-adb, arch-repro-status, etc.

A huge thanks to our sponsors and partners for making the event possible:


Event facilitation


Platinum sponsor

If you weren’t able to make it this year, don’t worry; just look out for an announcement in 2024 for the next event.