Athens 2015

December 1-3rd 2015

A three days workshop with invited participants from more than 15 different free software projects!


The exact content of the meeting is going to be shaped by the participants, but here are the main goals:

  • Update & exchange about the status of reproducible builds in various projects.
  • Improve collaboration both between and inside projects.
  • Help kick-start reproducible builds in other projects.
  • Work together and hack on solutions.
  • Brainstorm designs on tools enabling end-users to get the most benefits from reproducible builds.



Represented projects: Arch Linux, baserock, Bazel, coreboot, Debian, F-Droid, Fedora, FreeBSD, Google, Guardian Project, Guix, Homebrew, MacPorts, NetBSD, NixOS, OpenWrt, Qubes, Tor.


Impact HUB Athens
Καραϊσκάκη 28 (Karaiskaki 28)
10554 Αθήνα, Ελλάδα (Athens, Greece)


Core Infrastructure Initiative Google Open Source Research Open Technology Fund

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