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Reproducible Builds: Weekly report #195

Published: Jan 22, 2019.

Here’s what happened in the Reproducible Builds effort between Sunday January 13th and Saturday January 19th 2019:

Packages reviewed and fixed, and bugs filed

diffoscope development

diffoscope is our in-depth “diff-on-steroids” utility which helps us diagnose reproducibility issues in packages. There were a few updates this week including contributions from:

Version 108 was then uploaded to Debian unstable by Chris Lamb and was subsequently backported to the stretch-backports distribution by Mattia Rizzolo.

Website development

There were a number of updates to the project website this week, including:

  • Hervé Boutemy:
  • Holger Levsen:
  • Peter Wu:
    • Mention QT_RCC_SOURCE_DATE_OVERRIDE and add some more CMake, RPATH and Qt notes on the deterministic build systems page. [] [] [].
    • Document the use of -fmacro-prefix-map and -ffile-prefix-map on the build path page. []
    • Fix some links and typos on the contribute page, some dead links to Salsa and correct some link formatting issues. [] [] []

Test framework development

We operate a comprehensive Jenkins-based testing framework that powers This week:

  • Arch Linux is the first project being built on nodes dedicated from OSUOSL.

    Interestingly, these new nodes are running 4.19 Linux kernels from the stretch-backports distribution as Qt in Arch needs a newer kernel than the kernel in Debian stretch to build. As a result of this we are now seeing 1,736 builds of Arch packages in the last 24h, meaning our subset of packages are being fully rebuilt every 5 or 6 days.

  • F-Droid became the second project to be tested on these new nodes after Holger Levsen increased the size of various partitions to accommodate the builds, as well as to provide a Squid proxy for all our OSUOSL nodes.

The following more-specific changes were made:

  • Eli Schwartz:
    • Import Arch Linux GnuPG keys before running makepkg. []
    • Perform a giant cleanup of trailing whitespaces. []
  • Holger Levsen:
    • Arch Linux-specific changes:
      • Adjust the rescheduling of packages which have been tested X days ago. [] [] []
      • Adopt maintenance job to work with the new OSUOSL nodes. []
      • Support OpenSSH running on ports other than 22. []
      • Fix the path to the Arch Linux mirrorlist. []
    • Debian-specific changes:
      • Fix warning message to include the name of broken package sets [] and also show the total number of packages in a package set [].
      • Don’t update pbuilder and Debian schroots on OSUOSL nodes. []
      • Clarify “stalled” status of the LeMaker HiKey960 boards. []
      • Document how to access Codethink’s arm64 nodes. []
    • F-Droid-specific changes:
      • Remove duplicate job definitions. []
    • Misc/generic changes:
      • Update the “job health page”, adding a helpful footer. [] []
      • Use as the NTP server for OSUOSL nodes, for the rest. []
      • Warn if we detect the wrong [Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU))[ []
      • Drop another mention of LEDE. []
    • Node maintenance. ([], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], etc.)
  • Mattia Rizzolo:
    • Fix a variable name in the “deploy Jenkins” script. []
    • Fix a non-fatal syntax error in the “health check” script. []
    • Node maintenance. ([], etc.)
  • Vagrant Cascadian:
    • Node maintenance. ([], [], etc.)

This week’s edition was written by Bernhard M. Wiedemann, Chris Lamb, heinrich5991, Holger Levsen, Mattia Rizzolo, Vagrant Cascadian & reviewed by a bunch of Reproducible Builds folks on IRC & the mailing lists.

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