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Reproducible Builds: Weekly report #51

Published: Apr 20, 2016.

What happened in the reproducible builds effort between April 10th and April 16th 2016:

Toolchain fixes

  • Roland Rosenfeld uploaded transfig/1:3.2.5.e-6 which honors SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. Original patch by Alexis Bienvenüe.
  • Bill Allombert uploaded gap/4r8p3-2 which makes honor SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. Original patch by Jerome Benoit, duplicate patch by Dhole.
  • Emmanuel Bourg uploaded ant/1.9.7-1 which makes the Javadoc task use UTF-8 as the default encoding if none was specified and SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set.

Antoine Beaupré suggested that gitpkg stops recording timestamps when creating upstream archives. Antoine Beaupré also pointed out that git-buildpackage diverges from the default gzip settings which is a problem for reproducibly recreating released tarballs which were made using the defaults.

Alexis Bienvenüe submitted a patch extending sphinx SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH support to copyright year.

Packages fixed

The following packages have become reproducible due to changes in their build dependencies: atinject-jsr330, avis, brailleutils, charactermanaj, classycle, commons-io, commons-javaflow, commons-jci, gap-radiroot, jebl2, jetty, libcommons-el-java, libcommons-jxpath-java, libjackson-json-java, libjogl2-java, libmicroba-java, libproxool-java, libregexp-java, mobile-atlas-creator, octave-econometrics, octave-linear-algebra, octave-odepkg, octave-optiminterp, rapidsvn, remotetea, ruby-rinku, tachyon, xhtmlrenderer.

The following packages became reproducible after getting fixed:

Some uploads fixed some reproducibility issues, but not all of them:

Patches submitted which have not made their way to the archive yet:

  • #820603 on viking by Alexis Bienvenüe: fix icon headers inclusion order.
  • #820661 on nullmailer by Alexis Bienvenüe: fix the order in which files are included in the static archive.
  • #820668 on sawfish by Alexis Bienvenüe: fix file ordering in theme archives, strip hostname and username from the config.h file, and honour SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH when creating the config.h file.
  • #820740 on bless by Alexis Bienvenüe: always use /bin/sh as shell.
  • #820742 on gmic by Alexis Bienvenüe: strip the build date from help messages.
  • #820809 on wsdl4j by Alexis Bienvenüe: use a plain text representation of the copyright character.
  • #820815 on freefem++ by Alexis Bienvenüe: fix the order in which files are included in the .edp files, and honour SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH when using the build date.
  • #820869 on pyexiv2 by Alexis Bienvenüe: honour the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable through the ustrftime function, to get a reproducible copyright year.
  • #820932 on fim by Alexis Bienvenüe: fix the order in which files are joined in header files, strip the build date from fim binary, make the embedded vim2html script honour SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH variable when building the documentation, and force language to be English when using bison to make a grammar that is going to be parsed using English keywords.
  • #820990 on grib-api by Santiago Vila: always call dh-buildinfo.

diffoscope development

Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek noted in #820631 that diffoscope doesn’t work properly when a file contains several cpio archives.

Package reviews

21 reviews have been added, 14 updated and 22 removed in this week.

New issue found: timestamps_in_htm_by_gap.

Chris Lamb reported 10 new FTBFS issues.


The video and the slides from the talk “Reproducible builds ecosystem” at LibrePlanet 2016 have been published now.

This week’s edition was written by Lunar and Holger Levsen. h01ger automated the maintenance and publishing of this weekly newsletter via git.

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