Berlin 2017

October 31st and November 1st+2nd 2017.

Three day follow-up workshop to Berlin 2016 and Athens 2015 to continue and grow the reproducible builds effort.

As a follow up to the two first reproducible builds workshops in Athens 2015, Berlin 2016, the reproducible builds folks will meet again in Berlin.


The exact content of the meeting will be shaped by the participants, but here are the main goals:

  • Update & exchange about the status of reproducible builds in various projects.
  • Improve collaboration both between and inside projects.
  • Expand the scope and reach of reproducible builds to more projects.
  • Work together and hack on solutions.
  • Establish space for more strategic and long-term thinking than is possible in virtual channels.
  • Brainstorm designs on tools enabling end-users to get the most benefits from reproducible builds.


Arch linux, Bazel, coreboot, CoyIM, Debian, EdgeBSD, F-Droid, GNU Guix, LEAP, LEDE, NetBSD, openSUSE, Qubes OS,,,, Tails and Tor. (There were more but we were asked to only mention these.)

Reproducible Summit 3 in Berlin 2017



Betahaus, Berlin, Germany

Prinzessinnenstrasse 19-20
10969, Kreuzberg, Berlin
Nearest U-Bahn (subway) stations: Moritzplatz (U8), then Kottbusser Tor (U1)

Co-organized by

Aspiration & Holger


Ford Foundation
Core Infrastructure Initiative
Google Open Source Research