Discussing the current status of .buildinfo files

build info craziness

  • Limitations Debian implem of build info
  • no checksum of dependencies in build info, deb limitation: #802241 (debian bug)
  • no checksum of the source code.
  • no architecture of the installed dependencies (e.g arm installed on x86_64, cross-compilation, multi arch binaries, …)
  • no actual specification of build info, only a man page of the debian implementation
  • other implementation: archlinux, OBS (open build service – openSUSE). Need to follow-up on openSUSE buildenv.
  • man pages missing some information
  • Lot of things called build info but not necessary build info.
  • what is debian specific in build info?
  • None of the field is debian specific
  • But format might be
  • do we want to have a single format for all distribution?
  • Not essential…
  • But ease the adoption of repro build: easier to compare, easier to share tooling, …
  • Maybe they want to use something that feel native to them
  • Build info specification on the debian wiki
  • Do we need to have a repro-build level specification? (in https://reproducible-build.org/specs)

We narrowly avoided an argument about csh

  • Build info file for ISO distribution, what format would that be?
  • A separate topic that other people might want to discuss? Not a topic for us now.