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Academic publications

  • Trusting Trust - Reflections on Trusting Trust (1984) — Ken Thompson. (PDF)

  • Fully Countering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling (2005/2009) — David A. Wheeler (PDF, )

  • Functional Package Management with Guix (2013) — Ludovic Courtès. []

  • Reproducible and User-Controlled Software Environments in HPC with Guix (2015) — Ludovic Courtès, Ricardo Wurmus []

  • in-toto: Providing farm-to-table guarantees for bits and bytes (2019) — Santiago Torres-Arias, New York University; Hammad Afzali, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Trishank Karthik Kuppusamy, Datadog; Reza Curtmola, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Justin Cappos, New York University. (PDF)

Documentation index

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