Collaborative Working Sessions - Verification Use Cases

  • have some central place for people to upload attestations?

    • put everything into one database?

    • disks are cheap, but querying data is complicated

  • how do we display data?

    • have a website?

    • a graph?

  • maybe collect them in git repos?

    • every entity runs their own repo
  • we need to be able to tell which entity did the rebuild
  • do we need additional data for easier triage?

    • cpu features?
  • maybe she should keep track of the cpu features of the rebuilder?
  • the buildinfo file should canonically describe a “blessed” environment
  • each language package manager (cargo, npm, composer, …) is their own “distro”, from a r-b point of view
  • do we want to match results between distros?

    • is this doable/useful?

    • in Arch Linux, we often know what the issue is based on a single diffoscope, the challenge is triage/fixing all root causes

  • maybe something similiar to crev?

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