Hamburg 2024

When: September 17-19 2024.

What: Three days to continue the growth of the Reproducible Builds effort.

As a follow up to the seven previous reproducible builds workshops in Athens 2015, Berlin 2016, Berlin 2017, Paris 2018, Marrakech 2019, Venice 2022 and Hamburg 2023 the reproducible builds folks have meet again! And just like previous years, the heart of the workshop were three days of moderated sessions with the goals outlined just below.

dock europe e.V. Bodenstedtstr. 16
22765 Hamburg

It will be followed by three extra days of pure hacking time, September 20-22 2024, for all of those who wish to stay longer.


As previously, the exact content of the meeting will be shaped by the participants, these are our main goals as organizers:

  • Physically meet each other after such a long time! ;-)
  • Update & exchange about the status of reproducible builds in various projects.
  • Improve collaboration both between and inside projects.
  • Expand the scope and reach of reproducible builds to more projects.
  • Establish space for more strategic and long-term thinking than is possible in virtual channels.
  • Brainstorm designs on tools enabling users to get the most benefits from reproducible builds.
  • Work together and hack on solutions.
  • Discuss how reproducible builds will be usable and meaningful to users and developers alike.


The event will take place at dock europe e.V. in Hamburg Altona, Germany.

The outside area at dock-europe (source:

The venue is quite easily reachable by public transit, from both the airport and the train stations. See this page for more instructions on how to reach the venue.

The event space can also lodge 28 people in 2-people bedrooms which we allocated on request during registration, both for the main event and for the following hacking days.

To enable us to focus on our workshop and it's goals, freshly prepared local food is served for lunch and dinner.

Participation costs

Attendance to the summit is free of charge!
If you'll be attending on behalf of your company, corporate registration options are available, please contact us if you are interested in that!

We are working to confirm sponsors to support the event, who will offset the shared expenses for everybody (meeting room, stationary, meals, ...). If you or your company/organization can help out, please reach out to us.

In an effort to maximize inclusion and expand the diversity of the community, we are offering additional travel support on a case by case basis. We invite first-time attendees and those in financial need to apply for travel funding. We also invite people from groups traditionally underrepresented in free software to apply for travel funding, including:

  • Women (cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people.
  • Individuals from Latin America, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.
  • Anyone who is subject to systemic bias or discrimination, and impacted by under-representation in free software. Please email us and let us know what kind of diverse perspective you will bring to the conference.
We can also provide support to active Reproducible Builds contributors for whom this expense would be difficult to afford.

You can request financial support by emailing the orga team with the information requested at this page.

Other activities

To be organized by the attendees while there.

Code of Conduct

This event will be run under the guidance of the DebConf Code of Conduct and the Debian Code of Conduct.

The organisers are committed to providing events where all participants feel safe. Attendees are expected to treat all people with respect and help create a welcoming environment. If you notice behaviour that fails to meet this standard, please speak up (aloud or in private to the organisers).

Organized by

The organization team can be reached via email to This is a private mailing list where only the organizers are present.

Aspiration & Holger, Vagrant, Chris and Mattia


We are thankful for sponsors supporting us with this event! Please contact us if you want to support this event.

Travel and getting there


We expect most of our attendees to not need a visa to enter Germany.
See the website from The Federal Foreign Office to verify whether you need one.

Contact the organization team if you need help with getting a visa processed.

Travel to Hamburg and the venue

The nearest airport is Hamburg Airport from which there is a direct subway connection to Hamburg Altona. Hamburg Altona is also an ICE train station with trains to/from Berlin, Kopenhagen, Munich, Prague, Vienna and Zurich, besides many other places.
This being Hamburg, of course you can also reach us by sea!

The venue is quite easily reachable by public transit, from both the airport and the train stations. See this page for more instructions on how to reach the venue.


Registration for this event is open now, please mail us if you want to attend.