Documentation II

riseup notepad for facillitating feedback: FAQ Feedback


  • users
    • what does a user need to know to make a package build reproducibly?
    • what is a reproducible build?
    • link to definition
  • upstreams
    • how do i make my software reproducible?
    • how to avoid certain programming pitfalls?
    • timestamps, etc. link to FAQ for upstream?
  • package maintainers (Debian specific?)


  • Definition for RB (to be defined)

Involved Projects

Current status? no, it will get out of date quicker than anyone can update it

  • Debian - 92% of source packages are reproducible (link to tests.r-b.o ?)
  • FreeBSD - base is mostly ok, loader not, kernel not (but some patch/flag exists), ports (80% with external patch on the framework)

distro / project-specific pages!

  • find a list of contacts for these projects and propose them to add information to the website or to send a link to their documentation,
  • also ask them to add a contact for RB who people can talk to

  • Debian:, IRC: #debian-reproducible @ OFTC
  • ArchLinux
  • Baserock
  • Bitcoin
  • Coreboot: ask lynxis
  • ElectroBSD:
  • F-Droid
  • FreeBSD: -> email alias or ML to be provided (
  • Fedora
  • Guix
  • LEDE
  • NetBSD
  • NixOS
  • openSUSE
  • OpenWRT: ask lynxis
  • Tails: Public development list:
  • don’t forget to copy and then remove current Debian wiki pages

Top level pages

  • adding talks page! (most from debian), videos
  • reproducible builds definition


  • add bazel to tool page

FAQ sections (instead of personified personas, let’s ask concrete questions!)

introduction to faq: to add things/links that does fit into five sections

  • “what is reproducible builds?”
  • “what is the status of reproducible builds?”
  • “why should I (as a user) care about reproducible builds?”

(single page so it is easier to search everything at once)

  • I’m interested in verifying the reproducibility of software I use
  • I’m interested in making reproducible software
  • I’m interested in packaging/distributing software in a reproducible way
  • But it still doesnt work! -> link to Currently unresolved issues
  • What are the benefits of reproducible builds
  • how can help with license compliance
  • (take the work on use cases and side-benefits and put it here)
  • I don’t think reproducible builds are actually useful
  • here we need to answer all the questions like “I want to hardcode paths” etc.
  • why can’t we just normalise the <build path, environment, dependencies, whatever>?
  • I really like <timestamps, machine/person who built the binary>!
  • how to build your how build farm?

Get involved page


1/ how to deal with compression tools?

  • GZIP: use gzip -n
    • how do I make (GZIP, etc…) give reproducible output? (section: projects)

2/ why is reproducibility important? * where do I get information for XYZ? (section: users)

3/ why using SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and not simply set everything to 0 (epoch time) lots of build system will reject dealing with files that have a timestamp that old (we need concrete example (section: project)

4/ how to write reproducible code in specific languages - e.g. Rust, Go

  • Python: Pyc files, PYTHONHASHSEED
  • C: uninitialized memory (msan, asan), readdir order
  • emacs bytecode
  • how/who to contact for cross distro collaboration? answer: here!
  • how to handle signatures in binaries
  • squashfs?

To be discussed

  • Merge /tools to the documentation?

How to get involved?

  • how to help various projects?
  • how to help with documentation?
  • how to help with outreach
  • how can I sponsor the effort?



  • where to find the tools