Communicating benefits of reproducible builds

45-minute session on day 1

Some benefits have been written down on and the Debian Wiki.

What came during the discussion:

  • Faster development times:
    • Through caching of intermediate build products.
    • In FreeBSD packages are rebuilt weekly and unreproducible packages get reuploaded every time.
  • Investigate whether the source changes are reflected in associated changes in the binary.
  • Validation of cross compilers (slow arches can be cross compiled).
  • Recreation of debug symbols at later times.
  • Able to trace build while making sure that tracing didn’t influence the build.
  • Recognize changes made to the build output at run time (e.g. switching file content at runtime by evil kernel module)
  • Gambling industry.
  • Volkswagen scandal follow-up: proof that software running in the car is coming from the audited source.
  • Three broad categories (afffected people):
    • Software developers
    • Distro developers
    • End users
      • Paranoid users
      • Journalist using Tails
      • Update deltas are smaller or don’t exist in the first place
    • Managers
      • Trust fewer people (developers only push checksums and builder builds)
      • Faster development times (through caching)
      • Save money and time
      • Accountability
      • Counter argument for the argument free software is unreliable
  • Myths and counter arguments:
    • Timestamps, username, hostname in documentation etc are useful.
      • That audit trail is not needed anymore with reproducible builds.
    • Reproducible builds are hard and/or impossible.
      • 19,000 packages are reproducible.
    • Hard to check whether software is reproducible.

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