Next Reproducible Builds event

50-minute session on day 3

Frequency: for the next 2-3 events, every 6 months (e.g. April, November)

Desired outcomes of the meeting(s) to guide brainstorming about location, size of group

  • broadly: community building, following up on ongoing critical work. “Getting rpm to 85%!”
  • specific outcomes for upcoming event to be identified reflecting on the outcomes of the Athens meeting, the where from here data

Possible locations for upcoming meetings (criteria to consider: local hacker community/support, local logistics ally, visas, costs, easy to reach, accessible welcoming value-alligned venue)

  • Portugal – akira had contacts, glad to explore opportunities
  • Germany – Berlin, Hamburg
  • Greece – Crete for community, local support, Manolis has contacts

Next 2 meetings most likely in Europe to keep organizational side manageable and energy focused on work and content. For the following one (April 2017), considering opportunities outside of Europe as well (e.g. Canada/Montreal or US/Portland for support of local community)

Side note: on names - Reproducible Europe Summit, Reproducible Americas Summit

Emerging leadership to organize new meetings: ideally 2-3 organizers, who work in close connection to facilitators and local logistics contact

Number of participants

  • total: max 50-60
  • up to 30 to be listed in a must-invite list + 20-30 new faces
  • how to open to new participants? better than an open registration on a website: starting from asking the folks who will be in the to-be-invited list/ who came to Athens and know the model, to recommend others who they think would be great newcomers

Possible advocacy opportunities at other events:

  • contacts at 32C3 (December 2015) – Holger to ask the group what they think about it
  • proposal and/or room at Fosdem 2017