Post-event collaboration

50-minute session on day 2

benefits from collaboration

  • learning from each other
  • not duplicating the work (not reinventing the wheel, like producing identical tools, debugging the same issues again)
  • larger userbase that gets exposed to reproducible builds (good for shaking out bugs)
  • different communities coming together can help to think out-of-the-box
  • sharing infrastructure

what do we have

  • webserver (reproducible-builds) holger, lunar
  • git repo there, too
  • jenkins setup (debian, arch linux, coreboot, openwrt, netbsd, freebsd (fedora) (qubes)) profitbricks
  • mailing lists
  • twitter account (ReproBuilds)

issues and challenges in collaboration (competitive advantages)

  • specific project information too specific
  • making clear what we are doing (making people not being unwelcome, though):
  • “Reproducible builds are bit-for-bit identical”

concerns that need to get addressed

  • use of infrastructure (emptiness of mailing lists)!?
  • address problems when they occur


  • disentangling the debian and reproducible-builds things that are more general (non-Debian)
  • every project has its own project mailing list and general questions go to the general one
  • reproducible-athens -> reproducible-builds IRC
  • bi-annual meeting!?; more open the next time
  • session for organizing the next meeting, getting it distributed on more shoulders

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