Agenda Brainstorming


  • fix for once SQUASHFS (1)
  • fix the mksquashfs file ordering (7)
  • have reproducible SQUASHFS
  • hack on squashfs (2)


  • Removing timestamps from RPM packages (3)
  • How to make repm-build produce repr. rpms (upstream)
  • Discuss RPM metadata reproduc… issues and solutions (2)
  • How to reproduce RPM metadata?


  • What is a (cruft-free) way to save filesystems reproducibly? (defined order, etc.) (1)
  • Check/improve/update the makefs reproducibility patch in FreeBSD (1)
  • Learn how to generate filesystem images reproducibly (ISO, hybridUSB …)
  • Figure out how to build ext4 images reproducibly (in a VM for extra credit) (2)
  • How do we reproduce higher level artifacts, livecds, containers, installers, etc. (2)
  • Determine relevance of reproducibility for non-executable file formats (1)
  • Brainstorm about unreproducible VCS->tarball steps (e.g. autoconf, etc.)
  • What do we use for base images? (2)


  • What is the current status of .buildinfo files? Who uses them, for what reason? (1)
  • How do we use .buildinfo? (1)
  • Disucss .buildinfo service use cases, open questions etc. (7)
  • Write a generic .buildinfo file spec (2)
  • Spread buildinfo in other projects (1)
  • If an executable buildinfo file is good for one precise/pinned version… How do we make the same thing easy to use for future versions?


  • Would like to work on security tools that can be used corss distro/platform. (3)
  • We need tools to find who has reproduced a build? (1)
  • What tooling is out there to help everyone determine reproducibility? (3)
  • How to solve the static library “ar” problem (without breaking apps which build from static libs).
  • How to make reproducibility issues easier to find/debug? (1)
  • How to deal with difference from compress tools like gzip.
  • Is there a way to mitigate the need to sort results of concurrent build operations?
  • Brainstorm/hack on useful docs/tools like SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and diffoscope
  • How can we remove signatures from OSX applications (1)
  • How can we make VM tests (e.g. OS system test suites) reproducible?
  • How should we explain package relationships OVER TIME? (1)


  • reproducible path from upstream VSC tag to downstream package
  • referencing source state from binaries (1)
  • static analysis scripts/tools to detect possible reproducibility bugs
  • how to address with the timestamp merge


  • collect status on all projects that are trying to become reproducible (1)
  • I am using Mint; is it reproducible?
  • What about Ubuntu; is it reproducible?
  • Get pkgsrc on par with FreeBSD’s ports
  • do a regular inter-project xyz meeting (IRC? Voice?) (1)
  • make “important” packages reproducible, e.g. GCC, glibc, linux, etc (reliably + everywhere)
  • How about fixing legacy/ unmaintained software? (1)


  • there is a perception / accusation amongst the “opponents” of reproducible builds that “we” disagree amongst ourselves what “reproducible” means.
  • which parts of the environment have to change for a repr. build to be allowed to generate a different output? (6)
  • how/what do we hash? (2)
  • can we produce an official definition of r-b?


  • (debian only) can we do anything productive to get =.buildinfo= files in
  • how to patch dak (Debian Archive Kit) in 2016? (4)
  • implement/help with buildinfo distribution in Debian’s FTP (dak software)
  • hack on debrebuild
  • reach 100% r.b. for Debian pkg-pal packages
  • how do debian build profiles and reproducibility fit together?
  • question/Debian: building pkgs in contrib[?] reproducibly? Why do we not do it? :)
  • collect remaining infrastructure issues for reprod. Debian
  • how to make reproducible Debian chroot (get rid of non-deterministic post-installation stuff)? (2)
  • how to archive/distribute Debian buildinfos (1)
  • write dak patch to keep buildinfo files as a temporary measure.
  • discuss Debian “usrmerge” implications for reproducibility
  • scaling reproducibility testing problems and experiences


  • hack diffoscope to make tests less hard linked to specific tool versions (1)
  • what is the state of parallel diffoscope? (7)
  • we need parallel diffoscope
  • collect improvement ideas for tools like diffoscope, stripad[?] (2)
  • what are the main usability issues with diffoscope?
  • bring diffoscope to more platforms (1)
  • look at integrating debdiff & diffoscope
  • hacking session on diffoscope (1)
  • hands on diffoscope, check the new features (1)
  • discuss how diffoscope got better and how it could be even better
  • automatic classification of reproducibility issues in diffoscope (2)


  • Sustained funding
  • How to keep funding sustained & fair (5)
  • Where do we get (more) funding for reproducible builds work? (1)


  • Discuss/advocacy how reproducible builds can improve binary diff (1)
  • Help Mozilla prioritize R.B. HIGHER (2)
  • How to get more upstreams to care
  • How do we socialize benefits of reproducible builds? (overcome developer aversion) (1)


  • Share how Tails takes snapshots of Debian archive
  • How can I address a snapshot of e.g. the Debian archives?
  • Request for skill sharing: vagrant ???? common problems for reproducibility
  • What variables are (surprising) variables affecting builds? (3)
  • Find argument for/against different ways how pkgs built
  • Find the best way of making various packages reproducible


  • Using reproducible builds to improve GPL compliance (4)
  • Are there any legal implications or obstacles to reproducible builds? If so, which jurisdictions are affected? Can we somehow influence the law? In what direction? (2)
  • discuss reproducible builds benefit for GPL enforcement


  • What’s the business case for reproducible builds? (A.K.A. How do I convince non-technical people?)
  • Explaining r-b to non-technical people (2)
  • What can we do to persuade the world that reproducibility really is important?
  • Add new stuff to SELLING POINTS web page
  • Collect benefits of reproducible builds for advocacy
  • Get reproducible builds into space! (NASA? Satellites) Mars colony?) In other words: spread it to more organizations, esp. public research or impacting
  • How do we make the every day user care? (2)
  • How to raise awareness about reproducible builds?


  • Documenting non-obvious benefits of reproducible builds (7)
  • How do we explain with repro.builds are “GOOD”?
  • Are there any projects important for RB, which (we feel) are not cooperative enough? What can we do to address their issues? (1)
  • Convince tool authors about the benefits of reproducibility
  • Coordinate reproducible builds talks at every conference in 2017
  • Selling the reproducible story.
  • How do we communicate the importance of bit-for-bit reproducible?
  • Make a shared statement about bundling and binaries in the package graph. (1)
  • What are all/new uses of reproducible builds? (3)
  • Convince package authors about the benefits of reproducibility
  • How to keep in touch better after this meeting, especially news/changes/improvements (4)
  • Advocacy: How to deal with people that rejects for the sake of debuggability
  • Outrach to potential reproducers: Who can we get to run build farms?


  • Figure out how binary artifact transparency fits into reproducible builds
  • semi OT: What’s the status of binary transparency? (4)
  • What strategies exist for reproducing binaries without build metadata? (1)


  • Design methods for end-user verification of reproducible builds (1)
  • How do we push these benefits to end users? (e.g. apt config to require reproducibility)
  • How can we expose reproducibility to end users? (.e.g user can configure pkg manager to only install pkgs that have been built by >= N people) (1)
  • What tools can we provide for users to gain trust in their systems? (3)
  • If reproducibility is used to increase trust, who actually(!) does the verification?
  • Find a good way to verify coreboot for end users (1)
  • What user-facing tools can we start building now to verify a build? (1)
  • How to let users verify builds on computers w/o keyboards (phones, embedded, etc.)
  • How can we create a “trust infrastructure” on top of reproducible builds? (4)
  • Empower users to verify builds in practice (7)
  • Where do we go next? Assure we get to 100% reproducible package collections, what else should we do? (1)
  • How do we compare reproducible build output (between developers, between projects?, etc.)
  • Discuss user interfaces to repro builds: - ways to check 3rd-party binaries, - ways to choose binaries coming from different orgs


  • Discuss how reprotest could benefit outside Debian
  • Hack on reprotest (2)
  • Make reprotest great & cross-distro (1)
  • Which features should we add to build systems to help reproducibility?
  • How can we simplify finding reproducible build problems?


  • Rebuild everything sytsematically? Can we? Should we? Who is “we?” (1)
  • Drop iframes, how? (2)
  • Make more accessible to screen readers
  • Build and diffoscope debian-cd images on Jenkins
  • Find out how to relay RB test results to the central RB Jenkins
  • Executable reproduce instructions? (2)


  • Hack the site for easier extendability to other tested projects (2)
  • Adding GNU Guix to (1)
  • Adding openSUSE to
  • Better include non-Debian in (6)
  • Work on FreeBSD Jenkins instance (1)
  • Find out how to relay r test results to the central rb Jenkins (2)
  • Build and diffoscope FreeBSD release ISOs (1)
  • Start running r-b tests (arch_dep + arch_indep) on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and more, submit buildinfos
  • Create a centralized approach/place to share reproducible build patches across distros


  • Easy to use build environment ot make “stand-alone” apps reproducible (2)
  • Talking about reproducibility across very different domains: Android apps, GNU/Linux distctros, JavaEE, ROMs (1)
  • Hack/share issues regarding package systems and format and tools (rpm/deb/freebsd) (5)
  • Move forward the shared database of issues (vz from ath)
  • Discuss more cross-distro coordination opportunitise on an ongoing basis
  • Can we build common tools to record the build environment and dependencies? (2)
  • How do we better collaborate between projects? Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, …. Issues, technology, patch tracking (3)
  • Are there any good crossplatform build containers/VM setups? (1)
  • Can we make builds verifiable below the distro package level?


  • How do we share reproduce instructions?
  • Get safe hashes everywhere (5)
  • Plan to facilitate collaborative redaction of documentation online (
  • Can we identify formats and toolchains, which are either critical or important for reproducible builds, which are still not taken care of? Is such a list closed?
  • Documentation for package maintainers/upstream to avoid certain pitfalls
  • What are the “best practices” for reproducible builds and we do we spread them? (2)
  • How to make RB project look even less Debian-specific (in marketing, etc.)
  • FAQ: Best practices on website


  • Encourage other toolchains (clang) to adopt SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and similar approaches (3)
  • Why do we want a SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH other than 1 Jan 1970? (2)
  • Hack Bazel to work with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH (1)


  • Get GCC build path patches accepted
  • Turn -fdebug-prefix-map environment variable into a standard like SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
  • Write specification for SOURCE_PREFIX_MAP and promote it (8)
  • Patch LLVM/clang to support SOURCE_PREFIX_MAP (1)
  • Discuss spec for embedded build paths
  • Look at using debugedit in strip-nondeterminism (1)


  • Hack on LLVM/clang/non-GNU toolchains (3)
  • Reproducing binaries with clang (5)
  • Compilers output reproducibility: What’s the current state? Hack on rustc (2)
  • Figure out how to deal with pkgs that use profile-directed optimization (like GCC) (2)
  • How to reproduce Python bytecode .pyc/.pyo files? (4)
  • Is reproducibility attainable between cross builds and native ones? (4)


  • Moving on from x86: bootstrapping new architectures without legacy hardware/software
  • Trusting trust: How close can we get to auditable bootstrapping? (3)
  • Discussing ways to bootstrap GCC from a tinyC compiler (5)
  • Can we build the whole world of Java from source? (3)
  • Drafting recommendations for compiler writers about bootstrapping (1)
  • Debating our stance towards opaque binaries used for bootstrapping (1)
  • Create vision of trustworthy system: free, reproducible, transparent, …
  • Ensure source packages don’t contain binaries/pre-built binaries (1)
  • How to reproduce packages from source only in Debian-like distros
  • How can we trust firmware? (7)
  • How can we trust hardware?
  • Reproducible binaries vs. host dependencies: what is the limit?
  • Are we okay with self-hosted languages? (2)

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