Test infrastructure

who is here?

  • 1 freebsd person
  • 1 openwrt/coreboot
  • many debian people
  • 1 tails person


  1. tests.reproducible-builds.org test setup
    • get ride of iframes – talking to “u” about it
  2. reproducing testing set up
    • vagrant can try setting up a test set up for the builders themselves, then freebsd can try to replicate the same environments
    • lynsis: document how to build openwrt2 – change the openwrt script and coreboot script so that is doesn’t depend on debian
    • tails will make a link of the results of testing tails iso so we can link from tests.r-b.org
  3. merge the postgres code and create new schema
    • change to postgres
    • make a script to update schema design
  4. notes
    • cross distro notes?
    • way to mark a package as fixed in notes, and not display them?
    • ways to specific whether issue is debian specific
  5. making the database schema more cross distro friendly
    • CPE – unique identifier / match names of packages across distros
  6. other people doing reproducible tests and reporting back
    • Holger wants them to provide yaml files
    • lynxis thinks kernelci.org is cool – has an API for accepting results of kernel builds and boots

raw minutes

  • the other project problems using jenkins test set up
    • cannot reproduce the test set up?
    • simpler to replicate the jenkins test environment – too many debian dependencies?
    • bash scripts long and complicated – maybe break out important parts so less intimidating to other potential contributors?
  • debian test.reproducible-builds.org
    • get rid of iframes
    • the present group less interested in talking about usability
  • scripts for creating different environments for projects (Aspirational)
    • debian –> hopefully build once and compare against the debian archive
    • one freebsd person / fedora –> system.d container
    • one openwrt/coreboot –> build on debian
  • lots and lots of talk about wanting to test jenkins
  • what can we do right now:
    • external test set up to feed to postgres
    • jernalci project? linux kernel testing? hardware set up for reporting things back? make can use similar style api?
    • other job: maybe create yaml and send tests.r-b.org to display. like tails? tails is builing iso twice and producing diffoscope result


  • at some point tails will give link to redirect the tails test page


  • compare the builds to the debian builders
  • NOTES / YAML file
    • want: cross distro notes
    • currently SOME notes are debian specific
    • CPE – match names of packages across distros – unique idenfier of a package.

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